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Identity theft is one serious criminal offense that is taking our society by a strong vice like grip and each given day, more and more people are falling prey to this kind of crime. Many criminals have come to understand how easy it is to steal a particular person’s identity especially when the person is dead. In cases like this, it becomes easier for the criminals to impersonate a dead person by stealing their social security numbers.
Social security numbers definitely are a way to secure the interest of individuals in this free country. One person just owns his or her own unique social security number. Sadly, there are so many criminal minds at work and since the internet technology is helping such criminal minds, that there are so many criminals who are using the identity of the dead to walk around with a new identity.
In the case of application for jobs or even application for rental purposes, it is mandatory that the parties, that wish to take up the employment or even take a property on lease, mention their social security numbers on their application forms. In such cases, the prospective employer or even the landlord is expected to conduct a background verification check on that person with the given social security number. This is to ensure that the person who has applied for either of the above mentioned is not using someone else’s identity.
Sadly, most employers or landlords are so busy with their other work that they do not conduct the actual search on the social security numbers that were given. This in turn would lead to a lot of problems on a future date since the identity of that particular person is not true. That person whom you had recruited could be on the run from the authorities of another state. Being a fugitive, this particular person could also be using the social security number of a dead person.
If you had taken the time to conduct the search on the social security numbers that were given to you, then you would have found out that the numbers actually belonged to people who are now long dead. This would have saved you from a lot of problems in the future and you could have also had the authorities warned about the unscrupulous character that was using a dead person’s social security number.
Given the fact that technology has advanced a lot, you can now conduct searches on social security numbers easily. What’s more, this process would not cost you much time, you only need to spare several minutes to key in the social security number, and then many respects of information include death records would appear.

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