Importance of Criminal Records

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The criminal records of an individual would have details on the criminal offenses made by the person including traffic violations, cases where the person is convicted along with the cases where the person was acquitted. You may not get all this information from the arrest records.
The crime records are vitally important not just for business owners but they are equally important for ordinary citizens too. Let us take a look at the benefits derived by some of the people in our society from these criminal records.
For real estate firms and landlords
Using the help of criminal records, the landlords or the real estate firms can determine whether the buyer or the tenant is devoid of any fraudulent transactions in the past. They would know if their potential customer was charged for outstanding rent or loan before. This way they can avoid defaulting customers.
For NYO (National Youth Organization)
The role of NYO in educating the kids is crucial. They impart knowledge on various skills and strengthen the character of the young ones. However the organization has to depend on volunteers for running their program. With volunteers, there is always a risk of hiring a sex offender which can be harmful to the kids. In order not to endanger the safety of the kids, the NYO has to check for the criminal records of every volunteer who apply to them.
For Dating services online
With the advent of internet, one can easily get in touch with another person, across the world. There are a lot of online dating services in action and everyday hordes of single persons are signing up to find their partner through these. But the anonymity which gives the safety is also risky. As you don’t see anyone in person, you never know when they are lying. And that is why a lot of crimes today are linked with internet.
The dating services online should therefore screen all its customers for their criminal records before they sign up. This way they will be able to ensure safety of their other customers.
One can access the criminal records in US in many ways. The information from these records are very crucial to employers, businessmen, organizations and also to the ordinary citizens. With the help of these records, they would able to stop themselves from jeopardizing the safety of themselves and that of the others close to them.

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