How To Check Criminal records For East County

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It has become a common practice amongst employers and landlords to screen prospects before they are employed or even before they are allowed to rent a property. In cases like this it becomes imperative to check for a person’s criminal history and checking a person’s criminal records surely would give a better picture on how clean a person’s slate is.

Most employers, along with the application blank, also make candidates sign a declaration giving permission to the employer to check their criminal records. When applying for a job, you would be expected to give the address that you live in and the one that you have lived in before five years. This would help the employer look for criminal records not from just the present county that you are living in but also look at records from the county office that you belonged to earlier. If you belong to the same county for a very long period of ten years or more, then just the same address should do fine for the employer to look for the necessary criminal records.

Currently, with the constant improvement in technology, such records are now being made available over the internet and these are available both at a government-run online repository and one that is privately run by commercial website companies. However, looking through the actual criminal records to get the right information can be done only at the county level. There are some county offices that have their records readily available over the internet while others can be procured only from the court house.

An employer or a landlord need not undertake the daunting task of going through the criminal records since there are many companies that specialize in checking a person’s background. Such screening companies have a lot of researchers who work with them and who are dedicated to getting the right information on time. If you are an employer who wishes to employ a screening company then you should be prepared to pay a particular fee based on the number of counties in which the necessary screening needs to be done.

Criminal records’ search definitely is one comprehensive search that can give you all the information that you are looking for about a person. Since there are quite a lot of crime in our cities and countries, most employers are being prudent in looking only for candidates who have a clean slate.

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