Expunging criminal records

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Expunging of criminal records is when a person sets their record straight by clearing off any past felonies or crimes they are convicted of. When the term expunge of criminal records is mentioned, it means either destruction or sealing of the records pertaining to an individual, maintained in the criminal database by the agencies of the government.
There are two sides to a coin. And so is the expunging of criminal records. A person might be trying to settle down in his/her life by finding a job or buying a property or getting involved in some other activity. In that case, they may want to get their name cleared off from the court and police records. However on the other hand, it is the requirement of the society to have these records intact so that it can be used for investigations in future. Both these sides have their own rightful defense and hence there is always a tension between these two sides.
The records of any person maintained for crime can be expunged by a judicial authority or a statute. The expunging could be either done by sealing off the records and destroying it or it could be by taking it back to the subjects involved in the records. Again the judicial authority and the statutes of the state would be the deciding authority on this one.
The method of expunging criminal records vary between states. However many of the statutes go by the rule where the records are given back to the convicted in case the judicial authority rules in their favor. The court would rule in the convicted person’s favor, if there is no more evidence of incrimination and there has been no criminal action by the person in question.
There are also states that have statutes which allows expunging of criminal records by means of sealing or destruction of the same. Whenever an individual is convicted for a crime that is covered by the statute of the state or just short of conviction, the case gets resolved, then the records will be expunged by destruction.
According to the ruling of courts, they have the power for sealing any criminal records held by a branch in their jurisdiction. And sometimes, they even can seal off records that are held by agencies of other states. As it is a legal issue, it would be better to consult a professional.

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