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The recent studies conducted by NCVS (National Crime Victimization Survey) say that nearly 2 million threats and assaults happen in workplace. These include not just assaults and threats, but also robberies, rapes, homicides and sexual harassment.
Since prevention is better than cure, it is always better to do prescreening when you hire people in your office. Checking the criminal records is a very important part of prescreening. This way you can ensure the safety of your existing employees and also minimize the threat of any mishaps in future.
Checking criminal records
When you check for the criminal records of an individual, you should carry it out in the jurisdiction of all their earlier residences. There are many sources like court files at the state and county, central court records and databases of sex offenders. The information provided by each of these searches is different and important. They are:
Criminal records in county has the most detailed data about the crimes committed in a particular county. The drawback however is that, you will not be able to search for one county’s criminal records in another.
Criminal database are not accurate and up to date in all the counties. So whenever you find a name match, you should still continue searching until you find more information to substantiate your findings.
The records on misdemeanors and felonies are maintained separately by some counties and together by some. Misdemeanors may not be related only to traffic or noise, it could also include threats, drug and alcohol related crimes, weapon related charges, etc.
Not every state has a repository of all the records from their counties. But if the state has a central repository then you would be able to search the state records and get all the information.
Crimes related to federal violations such as fraudulent mails, wires, trafficking drugs, violation of immigration laws or any crime involving federal properties are updated in the federal criminal database.
Using the present and the earlier address of the applicant, you can do a country wide search or a statewide search of the person in the records of sex offenders. However, you need to remember that the registry at the national level for sex offenders may not include all kinds of sex offences.
By ensuring, that they have a thorough background check, while hiring their employees, the organizations can make their offices a better place to work.

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