Basic Knowledge on Criminal Records

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Criminal records, in fact, are nothing but a compilation of information which would usually contain the identification, arrest, conviction, imprisonment and something else pertaining to the criminals. The compilation is done by the law enforcement agencies of the state and the central. This way one can gather information about a person at any point of time. A full criminal record will contain the name, birth date, charges, proceedings, convictions, and other details about criminal activity. In order to obtain a full criminal record, people need to offer as much information on the person as they can.

Criminal records are accessible to public in United States. However, if it is the first crime of the offender and it is a small crime, then the judge has the authority to seal the record. Once the record is sealed, it will be accessible to only certain government agencies which are given access to it. So people whose criminal records are sealed can easily say they have never been convicted before and it would be perfectly legal. This is one question which is prominently asked during employment.

However, despite the situation we have talked about just now, criminal records can really help employers filter the applicants and then make safer recruitment decisions on most occasions. Quite a few positions, especially those will contact with the litter ones or the old such as babysitters, are entitled to a criminal record check. In addition, the records are also helpful when it comes to looking for suspects in a case. When an employer or someone else wants to investigate the criminal information about a particular person, the best way to do so would be to look up the criminal records in certain county. There are also some agencies on the web that claim to provide a complete database but they cannot be relied upon. This is because that you would not be given the date of birth or the SSN of the person you are searching for and hence it is easy to make an error.

A lot of the states in US are now putting the information on the Internet in order that the public can have easy and quick access to it. You would also find free websites that can provide the information and there might some interesting information that can amuse us as well. The National Crime Information Center which is short for NCIC is a branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which stores the records about criminals including stealing of firearms, cars and so on.

The awareness on the necessity to know more about the person they hire is spreading very fast among all the employers. Every employee is checked thoroughly with the criminal records. The hiring process is looked at very seriously. They even look at the language used in the application form, whether it is ambiguous, longer or narrower.

The combined DNA index system keeps the record of criminals in the form of both unidentified and identified DNA profiles. The criminal record check may assist not just in identifying criminals of law but also in the chastisement of the undetected people.

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